Scalp Season lead technician Pav Uppal was born in the Punjab region of India. At age 4 he moved to the UK, growing up in the West Midlands. Pav dropped out of college and worked in various jobs since he turned 16. He got into transport and logistics at age 19, at 24 he started his first business in transport in 2018.

As a sikh boy growing up, Pav always had a turban with topknot tied underneath it. By the time he reached his teens, the years of tying the topknot tightly under the turban had resulted in his hair being slowly pulled out strand by strand, leaving him with big bald patches on random parts of his head. This had a huge effect on his confidence as a teen.

After trying many things from lotions and potions to laser stimulation and finally hair systems. nothing worked. The hair system was a nightmare and brought more stress and anxiety, plus the itch underneath was unbearable. The hair system lasted 2 weeks after which Pav just shaved his head and assumed there was no cure except for hair transplant surgery.

In January 2014 Pav discovered SMP by accident whilst researching hair transplants. It seemed too good to be true so he ignored it, but slowly everyday he found himself on YouTube and Google researching. After 6 months of extensive research he finally pulled the trigger in June 2014. and wow, what a game changer it was!

Pav’s confidence skyrocketed. All his anxieties and worries about hair loss instantly disappeared. He was so impressed by how this procedure changed his life that he looked into training as a practitioner.

At this time he had not long started his transport business. As the years went on his venture was doing well, but Pav soon found himself falling out of love with the industry and the people in it. There was no sense of satisfaction or reward, no purpose, just going through the motions. In January 2018 he finally took the plunge to get trained in scalp micropigmentation to help people who may have been in a similar situation or worse.

Pav’s trained with Ollie Hughes and Michael Koumis, two respected and experienced industry-leading artists. 2018 was a massive learning curve spent practicing different hairlines as well as dealing with challenges from different skin types.

In early 2019 Pav started Dencity Pigmentation Clinic in Birmingham. He wanted a city centre location that was both professional-looking and accessible. Shortly after, the company was rebranded and Scalp Season was born.

Pav believes through struggle, hard times and failure, you find yourself and grow stronger as a person and better as a human. He is excited about the future and has plans are to turn Scalp Season into a leading brand in SMP and to change as many lives a possible in the process.