7 Reasons Alopecia Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments Are Worth It

For anyone suffering from the crushing condition known as alopecia scalp micropigmentation treatment is, without a doubt, worth the investment.

Albeit alopecia is a generic term for hair loss, it is often linked to patch baldness. This is a condition that is characterized by coin-like discs of bald patches that move from zone to zone across the scalp. It is often linked to hormones and also to genetics and can bear a huge impact on a person’s mental well-being. Confidence levels can be deeply diminished and self-esteem, crushed to beyond painful.

Scalp micropigmentation for alopecia sufferers is an incredibly welcome treatment. It works by a practitioner implanting purely natural pigments underneath the skin’s outer layer. The implants take the form of a series of tiny dots that work seamlessly with the receiver’s complexion and the result is the appearance of hair follicles growing underneath the skin, providing the ultimate look of a natural hairline.

Alopecia Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments – 6 Reasons Why They Truly Work

  1. Scalp micropigmentation is both holistic and natural. This applies to treatment for any hair loss condition. This is not only because it works towards rebuilding confidence and self-esteem levels, but also because pigments are made of solely natural ingredients.

  2.  It doesn’t damage the hair follicles that exist. This is crucial to those suffering from any of the types of alopecias given that follicles are particularly precious entities. Damage to the healthy and existing ones can be a pretty devastating thought.

  3. It works well on the purse strings if you compare it with other hair restoration solutions such as transplants or ongoing medication to promote new hair growth.

  4. SMP treatments boast not only instant results but also incredibly quick recovery times. It is a non-invasive procedure and can fit nicely around your general working routine.

  5. Once completed and aftercare routines are adhered to, your scalp micropigmentation treatment is maintenance-free until top-ups are required after a two to five year period has passed.

  6. And saving the very best until last, provided you are eligible for treatment it is guaranteed to work. This is because SMP doesn’t claim to promote new hair growth, it conceals the problem in hand.

As you can see from the above, SMP as a treatment for alopecia is not only innovative but also revolutionary in the world of hair restoration. But to run through some final fast facts about the benefits of SMP :

  • It is the treatment that can work to conceal scarring by evening out their linear aspects, resulting in invisibility
  • SMP can work as underlying shading to increase the appearance of density in the case of diffuse thinning
  • It is the ideal stop-gap between hair loss and regrowth caused by radiation or chemotherapy treatment
  • It can recreate a brand new hairline in the cases of standard pattern baldness

If you are interested in learning more about treatment for any of the above reasons or alopecia scalp micropigmentation solutions then please reach out to us today.

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