How the Cost for Scalp Micropigmentation is Calculated

There is a multitude of hair restoration measures on the market, yet scalp micropigmentation is the only one that is guaranteed to work. Unlike its close counterparts, the hair transplant or topical medications, to name just a couple, SMP doesn’t come with tenuous promises of promoting hair growth. It conceals the problem hair loss brings. But how exactly do technicians and clinics calculate the price of this affordable and revolutionary treatment?

How Scalp Micropigmentation Cost is Calculated

As a consumer, it’s a little difficult to understand why a clinic can’t place a hard and fast cost for scalp micropigmentation. It’s a one-off treatment that only requires top-ups every three to five years – right? You turn up, spend a couple of afternoons in the technician’s chair and you’re done? Unfortunately, from a provider’s point of view, we wish it was just that simple. To find out how we calculate how much scalp micropigmentation costs, keep reading :

Evaluations of Hair Loss

Each built-in factor when it comes to SMP costings is important. The first evaluation that your chosen clinic will cover is the extent of actual hair loss. This is done using the world-renowned classification system called the Norwood Scale, for men, or the Ludwig for women. These scales are charts that use visible illustrations to depict hair loss. In addition to the said scales, evaluations will also be made for future hair loss.

Treatment Requirements

Every hair restoration treatment is unique. And in addition, not every condition is alike. The cost of administering scalp micropigmentation for a standard case of male pattern baldness will not be the same as that for diffuse thinning. Likewise for patch alopecia and again, a completely different ball-game for scar concealments. The timescales involved in each treatment are evaluated at the time of your initial consultation and thereafter, SMP pricings can be tailored to suit. It’s also important to understand that should you choose to make modifications before, during or after your scalp micropigmentation treatment, the cost will change accordingly.

Skin Physiology

We all have different skin types. Some of us have dry and fragile skin, others have oily or combination. These differences are yet again a factor for building into the cost of SMP. In addition, should a technician be required to work on damaged tissue on the scalp, this will also alter the price tag. 

Experience of Your Chosen Technician

If you are looking for a hair restoration treatment that will provide you with an indistinguishable and natural finish, you are going to have to dig into your pockets. Technicians that choose to train and spend inordinate amounts of energy on perfecting their skills will always cost more than one that is under-qualified. SMP is a life-changing procedure that works towards not only improving the way you look but also how you perceive yourself. It is a treatment that can rebuild your confidence levels and boost your self-esteem beyond recognizable. That has to be worth the extra dollar.

The cost for scalp micropigmentation treatment is calculated on a bespoke basis. Following on from your initial consultation your technician will evaluate using the elements outlined above and then provide you the necessary quotation for your SMP. For more information on scalp micropigmentation costs then reach out to us right here and begin your hair restoration journey today.

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