Is Scalp Micropigmentation Safe?

There is a myriad of questions that are permanently circulating the world of SMP, however, there is one that seems to be raised, time over. Is scalp micropigmentation safe?

The great news is, as an overall topic, yes it is completely safe. Yet it runs deeper than just that as it’s also a holistic treatment. By this, we mean that SMP covers the big picture. It refers to the person as a whole, which means it also takes into account factors linked to a social aspect and one’s emotional well-being.

So let’s just look a little closer at the safety aspects of scalp micropigmentation. What is SMP and exactly why would there be any safety questions? Well, to begin with, we know it’s a ground-breaking treatment used to disguise the devastation hair loss leaves in its wake. But because it works by pigments being implanted underneath the skin’s outer layer, otherwise known as the Epidermis, it means the barrier of the skin has to be broken. The minute that you break through that barrier there is a risk of infection – no matter how you look at it.

Taking the above into consideration, it’s imperative that any clinic or technician you choose for your impending treatment is extremely stringent concerning hygiene regulations. A technician should, at all times, wear protective gloves and machines should be scrupulously clean. In addition, it goes without saying that each needle cartridge should be new and previously sealed before each procedure and that a clinic should feel clean and professional. 

Moving over to another subject matter concerning the safety of SMP – pigments. The procedure used for administering scalp micropigmentation could be deemed tantamount to that of tattooing. We know there is a certain amount of controversy concerning the ingredients of pigments for tattoos. Albeit the industry has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, it’s a well-known fact that some tattoo pigments create color vibrancy through the use of heavy metals such as lead or mercury. However, if you address the ingredient list of SMP pigments, they don’t need colour vibrancy which means the ingredients are different from their closely run cousins. Not only are they wholly natural but also often solely plant-based, meaning they adapted to both vegetarian vegan markets.

To finalize this article, we are going to return to the holistic element as it is crucially important. It is just one that is, unfortunately, rarely linked to safety. Our reasons are because when someone comes into our clinic it is because they can’t bear to live with the psychological damage that hair loss has inflicted on them. If you push the hygiene and pigment ingredient aspect aside for just a moment, you begin to realise the dangers involved in receiving poor SMP treatments. They can be notoriously difficult to remove and living with a poorly administered treatment can cause serious injury to your emotional well-being.

So if we take a minute to return to the original question in hand, is scalp micropigmentation safe? Yes, without a doubt, it’s safe. But take a minute to do your homework in advance. Ensure you make the right clinic and technician choice and the rest should be plain sailing. 

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