Scalp Micropigmentation for Density- Viable or Not?

We are all preconditioned in the belief that hair should be thick, glossy and flowing. Or at minimum, the scalp shouldn’t be visible when cropped short. But unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, meaning scalp micropigmentation for density is nothing short of a welcomed treatment.

Diffuse thinning happens for numerous different reasons. But it is a subject matter that tends to be pushed to the conversation sidelines. For men, thinning is deemed as part of life. For women, it is simply a case of a subject matter that’s taboo. But what you may not realize is that density problems are prevalent in many people’s lives.

Facts About Diffuse Thinning and Hair Loss

So let’s have a little look at the statistics on this. Check out our fast facts round up :

  • 85% of men will experience diffuse thinning or pattern baldness by the time they reach the age of 50.
  • 25% of men will notice hair thinning before they reach the tender age of 21.
  • Hair density issues don’t just happen to men. Approximately 40% of women suffer too.
  • By the time a woman reaches 50 years of age, she will be experiencing a degree of density issues.
  • Hair loss is closely linked to genetics with a mother’s DNA being the most influential.
  • Hormones are also a closely linked reason for hair thinning and loss.
  • Hair loss from pattern baldness is permanent owing to the follicle shriveling to the point where regrowth is impossible.
  • Hair loss from hormonal issues such as childbirth is temporary albeit difficult to predict the regrowth timescales.

Solutions for Thinning Hair

It’s a known fact that there is a myriad of different solutions for diffuse thinning. There are various forms of shampoos and foams which claim they promote new hair growth. However, they are expensive and notorious for being unreliable. Again, another alternative is light and laser therapy, however, this comes with its own set of issues owing to lack of research on the long-term side effects. Transplants are heavy on the wallet and again, don’t come with a guaranteed success rate. And then finally there is scalp micropigmentation.

Also known as SMP, treatments for hair density issues are beginning to stake a claim in the hair loss industry as the only solution that is actually guaranteed to work. The reason is that this contemporary procedure conceals the problem instead of working to reverse the cycle.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

SMP is administered in a manner that is a little like permanent makeup or tattooing. Pigments are implanted underneath the outer layer of your skin using a machine that’s been fitted with a small needle. Once healed, the pigment that has been implanted will become trapped leaving a series of marks that resemble imitation hair follicles. In the case of diffuse thinning, the replicated follicles will provide an underlying shading which, in turn, provides the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

If you are suffering from thinning and would like to know more about scalp micropigmentation for density issues, then reach out to us here at Scalp Season and see how we can help you. We are always on hand to answer your questions and always delighted to help.

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