The Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Loss

The benefits of scalp micropigmentation for hair loss are abundant. If you flip the coin onto its head, the downsides are much harder to find. That is because SMP is an innovative and avant-garde treatment that just keeps on giving. So let’s just roll them all out for you…

The Top Ten Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

  1. The first off the starting block, and the most important. It works. It’s no magic lotion and it’s not a potion to promote hair growth. It is an aesthetic treatment that works to conceal the damage that hair loss leaves in its wake.
  2. It’s a natural process, which is deemed holistic. The pigments used for treatments are specifically designed for SMP solely and contain no harmful chemicals in their ingredient list. This ensures safety, stability, and durability to both treatments administered and colour.
  3. Another fabulous benefit of this contemporary treatment is speed. Once you’ve made your decision and SMP is administered, you will begin to see the difference immediately.
  4. It is not going to break the bank. Scalp micropigmentation is a treatment that will dent the wallet just once. Unlike Rogaine or Minoxidil, maybe even a transplant.
  5. SMP is the only hair loss solution that looks realistic. Opt for a hairline that is natural and you’ll be left with a result that is indistinguishable from that of an iconic buzz-cut, fresh from the barber’s chair.
  6. Once your scalp micropigmentation has been completed and aftercare procedures have been adhered to, the treatment is maintenance-free, with the minor inconvenience of top-ups after three to five years.
  7. A huge and innovative benefit of scalp micropigmentation is its ability to successfully conceal scarring. Your technician will blend pigments into the scar site with razor-sharp precision to blend the linear aspect of the offending area deeming the scar, thereafter, unnoticeable.
  8. It is modifiable so if you decide your hairline isn’t as you wished it to be, you can change the design at a later date. One small caveat, however, choose wisely to begin with and you shouldn’t, in theory, wish for modifications.
  9. No long recuperation procedures, stitches, bandages or ointments. Just a quick healing process that will allow you to resume your daily routines in a super quick time.
  10. And finally… one of the best on the list of benefits of scalp micropigmentation for hair loss. It restores the lost self-esteem and confidence levels that hair loss has taken away from you.

If you are suffering from hair loss it’s psychologically devastating and the impact on your life can be huge. If you are curious to know more about this contemporary and innovative treatment, then just reach out to us right here. Your first consultations to assess treatment needs and to discuss a best-fit solution for you are without any obligations. We will evaluate your current hair loss and make estimations for further loss. You can also find us easily on the nations favourite social media sites, Instagram and Facebook and see for yourself the benefits of scalp micropigmentation for hair loss in our gallery of before and after photos.

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